Casting Calls

Role Project Name Type City Country
Chancie Dinoffsky Male/Caucasian/11-14 Dad vs. Lad Web Show Houston USA
Chancie is Herb’s biological son that he never knew he had. Herb found out about Chancie at the end of Season ...   more »
Harley Wanker Male/Caucasian/6-10 Dad vs. Lad Web Show Houston USA
Harley is Morph’s little, VERY Texan friend, complete with accent, trailer trash attitude, and shirts that ha ...   more »
Magma Langlinais Female/Any Ethnicity/41-50 Dad vs. Lad Web Show Houston USA
Herb’s ex-wife and mother to both Iggy and Morph, Magma (and NO this not a typo, her father was a geologist) ...   more »

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Monologues and Scenes

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