A monologue from the film "A Serious Man" by Joel Coen and Ethan Coen



About this Monologue

  • Character: Second Rabbi????
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range(s): Adult (36-50), Senior (>50)
  • Type of monologue / Character is: Inspirational, Reminiscing life story/Telling a story
  • Type: Serio-comic
  • Year: 2009
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Genre: Family, Drama, Comedy
  • Description: The Second Rabbi tells Larry Gopnik the story of the goy's teeth
  • Location: 57 minutes into the movie


Set in 1967 in Minnesota, the story centers on Physics professor Larry Gopnik (Michael Stuhlbarg). When his wife Judith (Sari Lennick) decides to leave him for another man, Sy Ableman (Fred Melamed), that she considers "a serious man", Larry's life begins to get out of control. On top of that he has to deal with his unemployed brother (Richard Kind) who sleeps on his couch, his out-of-control son (Aaron Wolff) who gets always into trouble at Hebrew school and his daughter (Jessica McManus) whose only preoccupation is to get money for a nose job.

When struggling to find balance and peace in his life, Larry seeks ...

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SECOND RABBI: "How does God speak to us? It's a good question. You know Lee Sussman... Did he ever tell you about the goy's teeth?...So, Lee is at work one day. You know, he has the orthodontic practice there at Great Bear. He is making a plaster mold. It's for corrective bridgework in the mouth of one of his patients, Russel Krauss....

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