Help: Frequently Asked Questions

Is free?

Yes! Every feature and function of the website is free.

How do I register for

Got to our Sign Up page and provide us with your name, email address, country, zip code and create a password. You will receive an email shortly which will allow you to log in your profile page. From your profile page go to "Manage Profile" to include your info, photos, videos and more.

Do I need to be an actor to register?

No, directors, producers, casting directors, agents, managers, animators can also register and create a profile.

I am a director / producer / casting director / agent / manager. Do I need to register to find actors?

No, you can browse and search actors without being a member. Creating a profile can allow you to show your work, create a network of talent you want to work with, post information on your current projects.

Do I need to be registered to post blogs on the website?

Yes, in order to avoid spam we only allow registered users to write and comment on blogs.

Can I promote a theatre production I am involved in your "Theatre Scene" blog section?

Yes, in the "Theatre Scene" blog section you can either write reviews of plays you have attended, or, if you are involved in a theatre production, you can tell us about it. In the blog upload page of "Theatre Scene" you have three options, to just review a play, to introduce a play you are involved in or just write a general blog entry. When you introduce or review a play, a blog category is created for that specific play so that multiple reviews can be written about it. Blog entries by users who are involved in the play appear on top.

Can I promote an acting class or workshop that I am teaching in you "Acting Classes and Workshops" blog section?

Yes, in the "Acting Classes and Workshops" blog section you can either write reviews of an acting class or workshop you are taking or have taken or, if you are a teacher, you can tell us about the class you are teaching. In this blog section you can upload 3 types of blogs, as a teacher who wants to introduce a class he/she is teaching, as an acting student who wants to review and acting class/workshop, or you can just write a general blog entry on the topic.

Can I upload a casting call anywhere in the world?

Yes, in the "Casting Calls" section of our website you can post a casting call in any city and country in the world. There are two upload pages for casting calls. In the first page you have to select the country, state (for U.S.), and major metropolitan area of your casting call. In the second upload page you have to include the exact location, your email, the type and title of your project, general description of your project and specific breakdowns if needed.

Can I upload my favorite monologues and scenes on your database or send suggestions?

Yes, you can upload monologues (link) or scenes (link) from movies, television, books or plays using our monologues/scenes upload form. We suggest to upload monologues or scenes from material you are very familiar with, such as monologues or scenes you might be working on in your acting class or you might be preparing for your audition. You may also send suggestions to