Trump Says He'll 'Personally' Pay A$AP Rocky's Bail... but Sweden Doesn't Use Bail System - thewrap
  • Author: Jeremy Fuster
  • July 22,2019

Trump Says He'll 'Personally' Pay A$AP Rocky's Bail... but Sweden Doesn't Use Bail System - thewrap

In one of his latest tweets, Donald Trump says he spoke with Swedish Prime Minister Stefan Lofven about recently arrested rapper A$AP Rocky and “offered to personally vouch for his bail, or an alternative,” even though Sweden doesn’t use bail in its court system.

A$AP Rocky has been jailed on possible assault charges while police review video footage that allegedly shows the rapper throwing someone to the ground prior to a music festival performance in Stockholm. Defense attorneys claim that the rapper, real name Rakim May, did so in self-defense.

After urging from First Lady Melania Trump and celebrities, Trump said on Twitter on Friday that Rocky’s arrest had been brought to his attention and that he would try to personally intervene on his behalf.

“Our teams will be talking further, and we agreed to speak again in the next 48 hours!”¬†Trump wrote¬†Saturday after speaking with Lofven.

However, it’s unclear how Trump would be able to come to the rapper’s aid. The bail system, which is common in the U.S., does not exist in Sweden. And while Lofven confirmed his “friendly and respectful” talk with Trump through his press secretary, he said that he stressed “the complete independence of the Swedish judicial system, prosecutors and courts” during that talk.

“He underlined that in Sweden everyone is equal before the law and that the government cannot and will not attempt to influence the legal proceedings,” read a statement from Lofven’s press secretary Toni Eriksson to the Associated Press. She also says that contrary to Trump’s tweet, a follow-up call has not yet been officially planned.

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