UCB Hellskitchen Theatre

Show "SHAMILTON" live on Saturday May 18th at 10:30pm

  • May 18,2019

Baby Wants Candy presents "Shamilton!", the hit Hamilton inspired hip hop musical created in 2016 at UCBLA, developed in Chicago, sold-out at DCM...and now returning to UCB! 

Ever heard of this show "Hamilton"? Shamilton is just like that, but (ahem) better! Expect the same level of hip hop, incredible songs, stunning choreography and powerhouse singing... except made up on the spot! 

Join the Shamilton cast as they improvise an epic musical based on a historical figure of your choosing- from Genghis Khan to Frederick Douglas to Kim Kardashian.  

It's the show Lin-Manuel Miranda calls, "cease and desist!"

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