‘The Power’ Review: Toni Collette and John Leguizamo in an Amazon Sci-Fi Thriller Full of Untapped Potential

  • Author: Angie Han
  • March 30,2023

Amazon’s The Power does not want for ambition. Like the Naomi Alderman novel it’s based on, it’s set in a world transformed by a quirk of biology that suddenly gifts teenage girls the ability to generate electric jolts from their fingertips — and like the Alderman novel, it attempts a forest-and-the-trees approach to the premise. Its narrative encompasses half a dozen leads spread out over three or four continents, and includes plotlines as intimate as a teenage romance and as sweeping as national political movements.

But if the broadness of its scope is intriguing, the broadness of its storytelling sometimes comes as a disappointment. Particularly in the first half of the nine-episode season (of which critics screened the first eight hourlong chapters), The Power too often relies on archetypes over complex characterizations, and talking points over nuanced conversations — though by the final installments, it does manage to generate
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