Tom Felton Remembers Late Robbie Coltrane on Birthday: “Without Hagrid, There’s No Hogwarts”
  • Author: Lexy Perez
  • March 30,2023

Tom Felton is remembering his late Harry Potter co-star Robbie Coltrane on what would’ve been Coltrane’s 73rd birthday.

In an essay shared with E! News on Thurdsay, Felton remembered the actor he described as “endlessly playful,” “constantly cheeky” and “always kind.” He noted that while he starred alongside other young actors including Emma Watson (who was 9 when cast) and Daniel Radcliffe (who was 11), the cast also comprised of Maggie Smith and Richard Harris, who were in their sixties and seventies at the time.

“Do the math: You were either one of the kids, or you were one of the grown-ups. Unless, that is, you were Robbie Coltrane,” Felton writes. “Somehow, Robbie managed to be an adult and a child at the same time, maintaining a foot in both camps.”

Further reflecting on Coltrane, Felton writes that the actor’s knowledge and experience was “valued and respected” by those
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