Rachel Bloom Weighs in on ‘Reboot’ Cancellation: “Nothing’s Straightforward Anymore”

  • Author: Kirsten Chuba
  • February 03,2023

At Thursday night’s premiere of the new Netflix rom-com Your Place or Mine, in which she co-stars, Rachel Bloom got honest about this week’s news that her show Reboot would not be returning after its first season.

“The writing was on the wall for a little bit of time because we weren’t hearing anything,” she told The Hollywood Reporter. “I’m confused, people seemed to be watching it in my world. They don’t release numbers so I’m not sure how metrics work.”

She continued, “I’m hoping we can sell it to a new place, I think it’s a fantastic show. I said from the beginning if I saw this show I would want to be on it, and I’d be jealous of anyone who was on it. So, I still can’t believe that I got to be on it, that I get to be on it.
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