Yosef Kleiner




2010 “From birth” (“Desde la cuna”) in the role of “Sergio”
2010 « Hatufim »(Channel 2 Israel) Supporting role: doctor
2009 « The Picture », by Eugene Ionesco leading role: “The fat man”
2008 Commercial - YES TV, Israel Supporting role: The judge
2008 Narrator for Baby Channel, Israel
2008 Narrator for El Al Air Company, Israel
2007 Narrator for the Sun Tower at Weizmann Institute
2007 Narrator in soap operas promos VIVA channel in the Internet (YouTub
2005 “Don Quixote” – a play for children based on the adaptation by Adela Basch
2005 “RAMBAM: The Story of Maimonides” Hebrew dubbing -leading role:Maimonides
2004 Ha-Mokion - film in the role of Rabbi Zucker
2004 “Kiddush” – a drama by Shmuel Hasfari leading role: “Aryeh Shiloni”
2002-2003 "Menuha veNahala”, a comedy in the role of: Zeev Goldstein
2003 Ahavah ba-Shalechet (Channel 1 Israel) Supporting role: Rabbi
2002 Be-toch Ha-adam Nolad - film Leading role: Yechiel Grossman
2001 Saturday, Sunday, Monday, by De Filippo in the role: Rafaelle – Pulcinella
2001 The Price”, a drama by Arthur Miller leading role: “Walter”
2001 Noah’s Ark 2001 - a musical leading role: Noah
2001 Kotz im Yitay Segev - YTV Channel Israel Guest actor


Yosef Kleiner was born in Buenos Aires, Argentina, 46 years ago and came to Israel in 1998.

Still in Argentina he studied drama at the Sociedad Hebraica Argentina and came back to perform in 2000, in Israel. He has a wide experience in stage and camera acting, as well as a narrator.

Yosef got also his MA degree in Psychology in 1989, he works nowadays as a psychologist and was involved in education and spiritual leadership during the last 25 years.

His way of acting and his skills are commended both by spectators and by the directors Yosef has worked with.

Those who have seen Yosef and that have worked with him say about his talents that he is very versatile, with a nice a strong voice, a wonderful diction, an impressive stage presence, good sense of humor and improvisation skills.

Yosef speaks English, Spanish and Hebrew at mother tongue level.