A monologue from the film "Save the Tiger" by Steve Shagan



About this Monologue

  • Character: Harry Stoner
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range(s): Adult (36-50), Senior (>50)
  • Type of monologue / Character is: Neurotic, Descriptive, Lamenting, Rejoicing/Excited, Reminiscing life story/Telling a story
  • Type: Serio-comic
  • Year: 1973
  • Period: 20th Century
  • Genre: Drama
  • Description: They play but they don't play on dirst anymore...
  • Location: 9 minutes into the film


Harry Stoner wakes up in the morning and starts a discussion with his wife. When she asks her why he doesn't go to baseball games anymore, he starts off with this neurotic monologue about how the game has changed from the old days....

Written by Administrator


HARRY STONER: "That nine year old kid, Judy Miller...they're gonn let her play baseball with the boys. How'd you like that. Father had to go to court but they're gonna let her play, I think it's terrific. I mean, who the hell notices at that age? If the kid's a good ball player, what's the difference if she's a girl? Father must be a hell of a guy, he took it all the way to court, huh?.......They play but they don't play on dirt anymore, they play on plastic. Ballplayers are a bunch of antiseptic kids. They don't chew tobacco. Don't use their spikes. In the old days they'd slide in high, man...those spikes'd take your face right off. The pitchers don't wind up any more. My God, they used to wind up...."

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