A scene for 2 characters from the television show "Entourage" by Dusty Kay



About this Monologue

  • Characters: Ari Gold Mrs. Gold
  • Scene type / Who are: Lovers, Mother/Son, Flirting, I wanted to tell you... I love you, Scheming, Persuading somebody, Doing business/making a deal, Killing somebody, Apologizing, Master/Servant, Beating somebody, Scolding somebody, Saying goodbye, Leaving/dumping somebody, Divorced/Ex-lovers, Will you marrry me?, Commiserating, Kissing, Firing Somebody, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • Type: Serio-comic
  • Year: 2007
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Props: A script
  • Description: Ari makes up with his wife after almost ruining her shoot
  • Location: Season 4, Ep. 9, "The Young and the Stoned" 23 minutes into the episode


Ari Gold is a powerful Hollywood agent. His wife, who used to be an actress on "The Young and the Restless", gets invited to act in an episode where she is supposed to kiss a 19 year old Latin guy, Julio. Ari approaches Julio in the changing room and tries to persuade him to give up on the kiss. When Mrs. Gold finds out, she gets upset at him.

In this scene she comes back home after the day of shooting the show. She asks her husband to apologize but he refuses at first. Then she admits he got jealous and that he would be miserable if she went to work on a soap opera. After apologizing, they make up and kiss.... ...

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Ari is reading a script on the bed. Mrs. Gold walks in.

MRS. GOLD: "It's 8 o' clock. What are you doing in bed?"

ARI: "Long day. I'm relaxing."

MRS. GOLD: "Did the kids eat?"

ARI: "I made lasagna."

MRS GOLD: "You did?"

ARI: "It was Stouffers. But I did the microwaving."

MRS GOLD: "Look, about today---"

ARI: "Forget today. Let's never talk about today again. It's over and I'm no longer mad..."

MRS GOLD: "Humph. You're no longer mad? Well I am mad you selfish prick and I want an apology, Ari."

ARI: "No, no, no. Your little Latin joyride means me never having to say I'm sorry."

MRS: "What, you're not gonna apologize?"

ARI: "No, I'm not."

MRS: "Well, then how are we gonna get past this?"

ARI: "I'm already past it unless you're gonna go kiss another guy. Then we're all good, allright?"

MRS: "Well, I just may. They asked me to be a series regular on the show."

ARI: "You're bluffing."


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