A scene for 2 characters from the film "Happiness" by Todd Solondz



About this Monologue

  • Characters: Joy Jordan Andy Kornbluth
  • Scene type / Who are: Lovers, Scolding somebody, Leaving/dumping somebody
  • Type: Serio-comic
  • Year: 1998
  • Period: 20th Century
  • Genre: Drama, Comedy
  • Props: Ashtray
  • Description: Joy breaks up with Andy
  • Location: Beginning of the Film


In the very first scene of the film Joy Jordan (Jane Adams) breaks up with her boyfriend Andy Kornbluth (Jon Lovitz) while having dinner at a restaurant. At first cries as she tries to comfort him. After getting reassured he was the only man in her life, he gives her a gift, an expensive gold plated ashtray, only to take it away from her. He flips out on her...

"Cause this is for the girl who loves me. The girl who cares about me for who I am. Not what I look like. I just want you to know what you'd be missing. You think I don't appreciate art? Do you think I don't undestand fashion? You think I'm not hip? You ...

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Andy and Joy are sitting at a table. Andy looks distraught, almost crying.

JOY: "Andy, are you okay?"

ANDY: "Yeah, sure, I'm fine."

JOY: "Good. Well, I had a really nice time."

ANDY: "Yeah. Me too."

JOY: "Of course, you know I've always had a really nice time with you."

ANDY: "Same here."

JOY: "But....you understand."

ANDY: "Uh-huh."

JOY: Well, the food here was excellent. I'm gonna recommend it to my sisters. How many stars did it get?"

ANDY: "Three and a half..."

Andy starts crying.......

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