A scene for 3 characters from the television show "Entourage" by Doug Ellin and Rob Weiss



About this Monologue

  • Characters: Ari Eric Bob Ryan
  • Scene type / Who are: Colleagues, Having an argument, Persuading somebody, Doing business/making a deal, Scolding somebody
  • Type: Comic
  • Year: 2006
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Description: Ari, Eric and Bob Ryan walk out of Paramount after failing to sell their project
  • Location: Season 3, Ep. 12, "What About Bob?" 10 minutes into the episode


Ari is movie star Vincent Chase's superagent, Eric is Vincent's manager and Bob Ryan is an old producer who produced many successful movies back in the 70s but now has lost his touch. By chance, after Ari introduces Eric to Bob as a joke, Eric finds a project for Vincent, a biopic of the music band "The Ramones". Bob has the script so he is involved in the pitches to the studios. Their first meeting is at Paramount but Bob ends up doing all the talking and fucks it up.

This scene is mostly an argument between Ari and Bob as they come out of the meeting.

Written by Administrator



BOB RYAN: "I think that went very well."

ARI: "Very well? You lost him at "Sanka". The man said, and I'm quoting, "This is not for us"."

ERIC: "They didn't want a biopic."

ARI: "I have never been turned down in the room before, never."

BOB: "It didn't sound like a turndown to me. It sounded like he just needed to hear a little more."

ARI: "He couldn't hear anything because you wouldn't stop talking."

BOB: "What did you expect? I had to wing it. You had no plan."

ARI: "I had a plan--for you to shut the fuck up."


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