A scene for 2 characters from the television show "Secret Diary of a Call Girl" by Julie Gearey



About this Monologue

  • Characters: Belle?Alex???
  • Scene type / Who are: Brothers/Sisters, In an interrogation scene, I wanted to tell you... I love you, Scheming, Persuading somebody, Doing business/making a deal, Killing somebody, Apologizing, Master/Servant, Beating somebody, Scolding somebody, Saying goodbye, Leaving/dumping somebody, Divorced/Ex-lovers, Will you marrry me?, Commiserating, Kissing, Firing Somebody, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ,
  • Type: Serio-comic
  • Year: 2008
  • Period: Contemporary
  • Genre: Romance, Drama, Comedy
  • Description: Belle tries to break up with her boyfriend but doesn't succeed


The series is based on the diary of an anonymous London escort known as Belle de Jour. The series follows Belle (Billie Piper) as she deals with her clients, family, friends and relationships. In the second series she meets Alex at a bar, and the two start dating. She is not sure she wants to keep on with her relationship because of her job. In this scene she shows up at his house and tries to break up with him....

Written by Administrator


Alex open the door of his house.

ALEX: "Here you are. Your times starts......now. Coffee?"

Belle walks in. Alex walks to the kitchen area.

BELLE: "I'm, I'm just not ready to be a girlfriend."

ALEX: "Shit. No milk. Sorry."

BELLE: "Anybody's girlfriend."

ALEX: "Or indeed any coffee."

BELLE: "I'm a mess....Alex, are you actually listening to anything I'm saying?"

ALEX: "Of course. Of course..you're telling me in an, oh, so delightful way  that you want to break up with me. The thing is you're not a mess. You're gorgeous."

BELLE: "I just---I just don't think it's fair on you to start something and then..."

ALEX: "You walk out on me in my hotel room, you run out on me at dinner, you constantly hang up on me. That sounds like a relationship to me."

BELLE: "Let's just stop. Let's just be friends."

ALEX: "No. I don't want to be friends. I want to do things to you that I don't want to do to my friends."

BELLE: "Alex, I can't go out with you."

Alex pick up a bottle of whisky.

ALEX: "Irish coffee? Except without the coffee, which would technically be whisky."

BELLE: "I'm not what you want."

ALEX: "You're exactly what I want."

BELLE: "I'm not. It's really complicated."

ALEX: "I love complicated because it's interesting, it's exciting."

BELLE: "I just--I'm not very good at, um, just opening up or sharing. I'm--I'm a very private person."

ALEX: "I'm not asking you to tell me things, to divulge your innermost...I mean, Jesus, who really knows everything about anyone? Why would you really want to?"

BELLE: "Do you really believe that?"

ALEX: "I do. Hannah...we're just starting. Don't run scared already."

Alex kisses her.

BELLE: "No, don't."

ALEX: "Hey. Why?"

BELLE: "No, because I'm trying to break up with you."

ALEX: "Tough. Tough. Can't always get what you want."

They kiss.

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