A scene for 2 characters from the film "The Courtship of Eddie's Father" by John Gay from the novel by Mark Toby



About this Monologue

  • Characters: Eddie Corbett?Tom Corbett???
  • Scene type / Who are: Father/Son, Giving advice on relationships
  • Type: Comic
  • Year: 1963
  • Period: 20th Century
  • Genre: Fantasy, Drama, Comedy
  • Description: Eddie tells his father he fell in love with a fat girl
  • Location: 1 hour and 27 minutes into the movie


Eddie (Ron Howard) is a 9 year old boy whose mother has just died. His widowed father, Tom Corbett (Glenn Ford), still has to adjust to his new bachelor life and hires a housemate, Mrs. Livingston. Even if not ready to replace his wife, several women enter Tom's life, his neighbor Elizabeth Marten, a volunteer nurse, Dolly Daly, a Miss Montana Pageant hopeful and Rita Behrens, a chic fashion designer.

In this funny scene Tom is visiting his son at summer camp. When Eddie is alone with his father in his room, he confesses to his dad that he has fallen in love with a fat girl at the camp, Cherry.

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EDDIE: "Dad?"

TOM: "Yeah."

EDDIE: "There's something I have to tell you."

TOM: "What is it, Eddie-O?"

EDDIE: "It's serious."

TOM: "Hmm."

EDDIE: "You aren't looking at me."

TOM: "Oh, I'm sorry Eddie."

They sit down

TOM: "All right."

EDDIE: "I was going to write you about it but they censor the mail. Do you know what that means?"

TOM: "Oh, yes. I do. All right, I'm serious and I am looking at you. I'm sure we can take care of whatever trouble it might be. I'm sure we can do something about it."

EDDIE: "There's nothing we can do, dad."


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