A monologue from the play "Coriolanus" by William Shakespeare



About this Monologue

  • Character: Brutus
  • Gender: Male
  • Age Range(s): Young Adult (20-35), Adult (36-50)
  • Type of monologue / Character is: Descriptive, Lamenting
  • Type: Dramatic
  • Period: Renaissance
  • Genre: Tragedy, Drama
  • Description: Brutus is concerned by Coriolanus' success
  • Location: ACT II, Scene 1


The play is set in the city of Rome and is based on the legendary Roman general Gaius Martius Coriolanus. In the first scene of the play Caius Martius and several Roman rulers have to deal with a riot of the common people that are protesting because of a shortage of grain. A war soon breaks out between Rome and a neighboring tribe, the Volscians, led by Tullus Aufidius. After a hard battle, Gaius Martius manages to conquer the Volscian's city or Corioles and, having fought with valor, is given the nickname "Coriolanus" because of that.

In the first scene of ACT II, Gaius Martius returns to Rome with his soldiers ...

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All tongues speak of him, and the bleared sights
Are spectacled to see him: your prattling nurse
Into a rapture lets her baby cry
While she chats him: the kitchen malkin pins
Her richest lockram 'bout her reechy neck,
Clambering the walls to eye him: stalls, bulks, windows,
Are smother'd up, leads fill'd, and ridges horsed
With variable complexions, all agreeing
In earnestness to see him: seld-shown flamens
Do press among the popular throngs and puff
To win a vulgar station: or veil'd dames
Commit the war of white and damask in
Their nicely-gawded cheeks to the wanton spoil
Of Phoebus' burning kisses: such a pother
As if that whatsoever god who leads him
Were slily crept into his human powers
And gave him graceful posture.

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