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She's Out of My League Sean Anders and John Morris Kirk rehearses his love declaration to Marnie
The Caretaker Harold Pender Your sinking the place out
The Caretaker Harold Pinter Mick scolds Davies
The Homecoming Harold Pinter Lenny scolds his brother Teddy after he eats his cheese roll
The Honest Whore Thomas Dekker Candido explains to the Duke why he is always so calm
The Informant Scott Z. Burns Mark Whitacre asks for a presidential pardon
The Picture of Dorian Gray Oscar Wilde Dorian Gray expresses his love for an actress
The Ruling Class Peter Barnes Jack Gurney's schizophrenic stream of consciousness
The Tempest William Shakespeare Caliban curses Prospero
The Two Gentlemen of Verona William Shakespeare Proteus decides to pursue Silvia and betray Julia and Valentine
The Winter's Tale William Shakespeare Leontes suspects his wife is cheating on him
Troilus and Cressida William Shakespeare Thersites mocks Ajax and Achilles
Who's Afraid of Virginia Wolf? Edward Albee George verbally abuses his wife while describing his second novel to their guests
Wuthering Heights Emily Brontë Mr Lockwood's dream
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