One Minute Monologues for Women
Looking for one minute monologues for women? It's not easy to find good one minute monologues. Here we have compiled a list of various one minute monologues for women from tv shows, classic plays and movies. Even if they are one minute long or less, we considered this one minute monologues to be either interesting, expressive or emotional.
1) Wednesday Addams' surprise speech at the summer camp play
A monologue from the Film "Addams Family Values" by Paul Rudnick

Wednesday Addams attends summer camp with her brother against her wishes. She is involved in a play where she plays a little Indian girl. In this monologue, she gives a surprise speech about the Native Americans-white people relations

2) Cleopatra thinks about Antony
A monologue from the Play "Antony and Cleopatra" by William Shakespeare

Cleopatra is in love with Antony, a Roman general. When Antony is forced to go back to Rome, Cleopatra delivers this monologue where she wonders what Antony is doing and if he is thinking about her

3) The Countess of Auvergne mocks Talbot for his looks
A monologue from the Play "Henry VI Part 1" by William Shakespeare

During the Hundred Years War, the English, led by Talbot, fight the French. The Countess of Auvergne sends a messenger to invite Talbot to her castle, wanting to meet the legendary commander. She is very surprised on how he looks, nothing like she expected and she expresses this in this funny 1 minute monologue

4) Gentlemen. Hoist the colors!
A monologue from the Film "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End" by Ted Elliot and Terry Rossio

Elizabeth Swann has just been appointed captain of the Black Pearl. The pirates are about to face the gigantic fleet of the East India Trading Company and have little chance to win. In this inspiring monologue, Elizabeth inspires her crew to fight til the end

5) Juliet waits impatiently for her nurse
A monologue from the Play "Romeo and Juliet" by William Shakespeare

After sending her nurse to find out where she will meet Romeo to get married, in this monologue Juliet expresses her anxiety about her nurse being late

6) Who can see the lies..?
A monologue from the Film "Side Effects" by Scott Burns

Pychiatrist Dr. Victoria Siebert tells the story of one of her patients that lied to her.

7) Myra Hudson wants to leave everything to her husband
A monologue from the Film "Sudden Fear" by Lenore J. Coffee

Myra Hudson tells her lawyer she wants to change her will so that her husband gets everything if she dies.

8) Sookie's grandmother's monologue abot he telepathic powers
A monologue from the TV Show "True Blood" by Alan Ball

Adele Stackhouse tells her granddaughter Sookie that there is a purpose to her telepathic powers