One Minute Monologues for Men
Here we have collected some of the best one minute monologues for men on the website. Check out these one minute monologues for men and let us know what you think.
1) Ari loses it with his wife and therapist
A monologue from the TV Show "Entourage" by Doug Ellen, Marc Abrams and Michael Benson

In this funny one minute monologue Ari flips out to his wife and therapist during a session

2) Sybok wants to pass The Great Barrier and meet God
A monologue from the Film "Star Trek V: The Final Frontier" by David Loughery

Sybok, Spock's half brother is a crazy visionary who hijacks the Starship Enterprise to use it to reach a mythical land called "Sha Ka Ree", where he plans to meet God. In this 1 minute monologue, he tells the Starship's crew his crazy vision

3) Juan Borgia toasts to his family
A monologue from the TV Show "The Borgias" by Neil Jordan

To break the tension rising in his family, Juan makes this short speech in front of his mother, brother and sister to praise the strength and warmth of their family

4) The angry speech by the CIA director to his analysts
A monologue from the Film "Zero Dark Thirty" by Mark Boal

After many failures to find clues to lead them to Osama Bin Laden, the CIA director gives this angry speech to his analysts urging them to find him "people to kill"