Male Monologues from Plays
Here we have a collection of interesting male monologues from plays.
1) Simone challenges the Prince to a duel
A monologue from the Play "A Florentine Tragedy" by Oscar Wilde

Simone is a successful merchant who finds his wife in bed with a price. In this monologue the merchant challenges the prince to a duel

2) Wendoll regrets having seduced Anne
A monologue from the Play "A Woman Killed With Kindness" by Thomas Heywood

After losing his fortune, Wendoll is invited by his friend Frankford to stay at his house. Wendoll falls in love and seduces Anne, Frankford's wife. When Frankford finds out, he banishes his wife from his house and in this monologue, Wendoll regrets having seduced Anne.

3) Edmund Tyrone will always be a little in love with death
A monologue from the Play "Long Day's Journey into Night" by Eugene O'Neill

Edmund Tyrone is tells a story from his life on the sea, how happy he was and how he'll never be as happy as he used to be now that is back home

4) Mr Higgins doesn't care about Eliza Dolittle
A monologue from the Play "Pygmalion" by George Bernard Shaw

Mr Higgins has a confrontation with Eliza Dolittle, a poor girl that he has tutored to teach her behave and speak like a Duchess. After she grows frustrated with Mr Higgins cold behavior, they have this confrontation where Mr Higgins tells her he doesn't care what will become of her