Funny Monologues for Women
This is a collection of the funniest monologues for women on actorama. This funny monologues for women are the highly rated on the site from our members.
1) The Woman tries to convince his daughter to come down the tree
A monologue from the Play "Animal" by Oliver Hailey

The Woman is the mother of Claire Marie, a 12 year old girl who has climbed a tree during a party and refuses to come down. In this funny monologue, the Woman tries to convince his daughter to come down the tree.

2) Anita reacts to her lover's death
A monologue from the Play "Antigone in New York" by Janusz Glowacki

In this monologue, Anita learns that her lover Paulie has died

3) Ricky Bobby is not a thinker, he is a doer!
A monologue from the Film "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

Ricky Bobby, a sensational NASCAR race car driver, has entered a state of depression after getting into an accident. He has decided to leave professional racing but one night he meets by chance his old assistant Susan who, in this funny monologue, encourages him to start racing again.

4) Learn the power of masturbation!
A monologue from the Film "The Oh in Ohio" by Adam Wierzbianski

Priscilla Chase, who's married with Jack Chase, is having problems with her relationship. She joins a support group, run by Alyssa Donahue. In this monologue Alyssa Donahue encouranges the women in her support group to "learn the power of masturbation" and get to know their vaginas.