Funny Monologues for Men
This is a collection for funny monologues for men. From Shakespeare to Dr Evil and Dr House, here's an interesting collection of funny monologues for men from movies, plays and tv shows.
1) Do you like Phil Collins?
A monologue from the Film "American Psycho" by Mary Harron & Guinevere Turner from the novel by B. E. Ellis

American Psycho Patrick Bateman is with two prostitutes. As he instructs them on what to do he delivers this comic monologue with insights about Phil Collins career.

2) Dr Evil's therapy session
A monologue from the Film "Austin Powers" by Mike Myers

In this highly comedic monologue, Dr Evil is at a therapy session with his son and is asked by the group to tell them his life story..

3) This is Dr. House's neurotic and funny speech to the waiting patients
A monologue from the TV Show "House" by David Shore

Dr. House introduces himself and the staff of the hospital to the waiting patients in this hilarious monologue

4) "I pulled my butt cheeks apart, Bobby"
A monologue from the Film "Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby" by Will Ferrell and Adam McKay

Ricky Bobby, a champion NASCAR driver, has just had an accident and is in the hospital in critical condition. Cal Naughton is his childhood friend and fellow NASCAR driver. In this funny monologue Cal makes one confession to his best friend, about that time in college when he posed for Playgirl magazine and he pulled his butt cheeks apart...

5) Launce laments the fact that his dog Crab didn't show any emotions when he bade farewell to his family
A monologue from the Play "The Two Gentlemen of Verona" by William Shakespeare

Probably one of the funniest monologues for men by Shakespeare. Launce is Proteus' servant. When Proteus decides to join his friend Valentine in Milan, Launce follows his master and bids farewell to his family. In this funny monologue, he laments the fact that his dog showed no emotions when he said goodbye.