Contemporary Monologues for Men
This is a list of some of the most popular contemporary monologues for men.
1) I ain't draft dodging
A monologue from the Film "Ali" by Gregory Allen Howard, Stephen J. Rivele, Christopher Wilkinson, Eric Roth, & Michael Mann

Ali is being accused of refusing to fight in Vietnam. In this monologue he argues why he doesn't want to fight.

2) Ben Harmon's is frustrated because he thinks his wife cheated on him
A monologue from the TV Show "American Horror Story" by Jennifer Salt

Psychologist Ben Harmon is visiting his wife Vivian at the mental institution where she is because of a mental breakdown. He thinks she has cheated on him and in this monologue, he confronts her about it even if she pretends to be sleeping

3) Jimmy confronts the gangster that slashed his girlfriend's face and led to her suicide
A monologue from the TV Show "Boardwalk Empire" by Tim Van Patten and Paul Simms

This scene takes place at a restaurant. Jimmy takes a seat at the table of a gangster who is responsible for his girlfriend's suicide, after he disfigured her with a knife. In this monologue, Jimmy tells him a story that happened when he was fighting in WWI, how a German soldier that he shot several times tried to hang on to his life even if his situation was utterly hopeless

4) Sir Allister Thorne's speech to his soft recruits
A monologue from the TV Show "Game of Thrones" by Bryan Cogman

In this episode of Game of Thrones a new recruit arrives to the Wall for training. He is fat and weak and is immediately picked on. Jon Snow, the king's bastard son, tries to help him. In this scene, the master-at-arms of the Wall, their trainer, tells them of the last big winter he faced and almost died. He warns them that boys as soft like them will die in no time when the next big winter will start

5) The king remembers his first kill
A monologue from the TV Show "Game of Thrones" by David Benioff

In the episode "Lord Snow" from the television show "Game of Thrones", the king addresses one of his commanders as he remembers the first time he killed somebody.

6) You ever been hunting, Peggy?
A monologue from the TV Show "Mad Men" by Bridget Bedard

Pete Campbell describes to Peggy how it feels to go hunting.

7) Russell Edginton's speech to humans on tv
A monologue from the TV Show "True Blood" by Alexander Woo

Russell Edginton, the 3000 year old vampire king, kills a TV reporter live on television and pledges war on humans and the American Vampire League.