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Loving Jupiter

  • August 04, 2017
  • August 12, 2017
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  • Loving Jupiter


Production Start Date: 08/19/2017
Production Wrap Date: 08/20/2017
Production Schedule: 2 days]

Producer(s): Tyler Taliaferro
Writer(s): David Lykes Keenan
Director(s): Tyler Taliaferro
Additional Attached Cast/Crew: Tyler Taliaferro

Synopsis: Tom, a man of great talent and even greater self-loathing, finds himself, one afternoon, within the orbit of Jupiter. There are planets and then there is Jupiter: a college kid, a fresh breeze, a loving free-spirit, who, while home on Christmas break, happens across Tom in an espresso shop. As their shared passion for photography unwinds, Tom finds unexpected depth in an surprising conversation and, later, bittersweet gratification as the recipient of a random act of love and kindness.

Submissions will be accepted until 08/12/2017.


Role NameGenderEthnicityAge RangeDescription
TomMaleAny Ethnicity51-60Tom Thomas X. Woodruff, 50's, is successful, well-known contemporary fine-art photographer. He goes by Tom. The “X” may or may not be an initial. His public persona is that of a confident, outgoing artist, however, privately, he is painfully alone and insecure. He is gay, yet despite his success, he feels like he's always been on the outside looking in. Under the right circumstances, in the company of certain people, he can be easy going and inspirational. These people often come away thinking Tom would do anything for them.
JupiterMaleAny Ethnicity18-24Jupiter Jupiter, 20, is a college student at a small liberal arts college. Jupiter doesn't take life very seriously, whether it be art school, nude modeling for his art school (where he is referred to as the “Skinny Adonis”), and even his (and his brother's) given names which he tossed in favor planetary names. He is a frequently silly, charming free-spirit, and pretty much instantly lovable.
Mrs. CollinsFemaleAny Ethnicity41-50Mrs. Collins Mrs. Collins, mid-40's, is Jupiter's mother. She's a happily married, suburban mom, and is probably a real estate agent. She's busy and always seems to have some place to be. She loves her sons but is somewhat befuddled by her eldest, Steven (aka Jupiter).