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Back Nine

  • July 15, 2017
  • July 22, 2017
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  • United States
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  • Dallas
  • Dallas
  • Short Film
  • Back Nine


Producer(s): Scott Mackerron
Writer(s): Josh Arriazola
Director(s): Josh Arriazola
Additional Attached Cast/Crew: Neftali Arreola, Tim Robins, Nick Chaviers, Umar Qadeer, and Kyle Meraz

Synopsis: When the golf cart breaks down deep into his older brothers' intense game of golf, a young boy seizes the opportunity as a means to finally run away with the love of his life.

Following two simultaneous storylines, as the true feelings of the young couple's relationship come to light, back on the 17th Hole, the bickering brothers rekindle their brotherly love for one another.


Role NameGenderEthnicityAge RangeDescription
Will AnyAny Ethnicity15-17The impulsive, eager young boy who will stop at nothing to run off with Celia. (early 20s, able to pass for 15-17)
Celia AnyAny Ethnicity15-17The unsure young lover of Will. Convinced by his persuasion to run off, but comes to sudden realization about her true feelings once she's away from home. (early 20s, able to pass for 15-17)
ReubenMaleAny EthnicityAny AgeSlick, easy-going, naturally good at things
Frank AnyAny EthnicityAny AgeHot head, always trying to out-do Reuben, but never can succeed
NadineAnyAny Ethnicity18-24Celia's older sister (early 20s) visiting in town for the weekend
Mother FemaleAny EthnicityAny AgeStrict mother of the house. Smaller role.