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Coffee House

  • July 15, 2017
  • July 21, 2017
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  • United States
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  • Dallas
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Director(s): Ryan Bosquez

Synopsis: A look in the oddness that is our day to day lives in a rather mundane setting. The camera is meant to be the audience in their truest state, an unseen observer in other's lives. These others are meant to be everyday people with everyday problems, likable, mildly funny, and in many ways imperfect; otherwise known as characters. The characters in question are affected by those they see but never are the subjects privy to or are they aware of the effect they have on the onlookers. The experience is over when the one providing the experience says it is over.

Character Breakdowns:
Because of the amount of characters in our production, physical descriptions are not as important to us. We are looking for mostly are very kinetic actors who can take direction well because this will be highly choreographed. So if you are interested in a role, please by all means audition for any part you think you would be good for. Our characters are:


Role NameGenderEthnicityAge RangeDescription
Frat Boy 1AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Frat Boy 2AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Girl 1AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Girl 2AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Girl 3AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Morgan (Girl 4)AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Girl 5AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
Barista 1AnyAny EthnicityAny Age(preferably an African American teenage boy)
Barista 2AnyAny EthnicityAny Age
ManAnyAny EthnicityAny Age
WomanAnyAny EthnicityAny Age
ProfessorAnyAny EthnicityAny Age