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Purple Heart Casting


Purple Heart tells the story of a young Iraq War veteran caught in the downward spiral of PTSD. Long home from war, Eric is haunted by the death of his friend in combat. He drinks too much and obsessively field strips his pistol. His girlfriend, Kate, a deaf artist who works in glass, tries to help him but he pushes her away. As his life unravels, Eric begins to lose control, veering towards tragedy. What will it take to win the last battle?


Role NameGenderEthnicityAge RangeDescription
ERICMaleAny Ethnicity25-30Veteran of the Iraq/Afghanistan War. In a relationship with Kate. Suffering from post traumatic stress disorder, in constant battles with displaying his emotions and keeping his emotions hidden *Sign Language and Glass Blowing will be taught during rehearsals*
KATEFemaleAny Ethnicity18-24In a relationship with Eric. Deaf. Studying in college as a graduate student. Feels that she is being pushed away by Eric. Almost professional glass blower. *Glass Blowing will be taught during rehearsals*
MEGFemaleAny Ethnicity51-60Mother of Eric. Takes care of her deaf son Dylan, Eric's younger brother. Caring of her son, worried about how his PTSD affects him.*Sign Language will be taught during rehearsals. Please provide if any skill is known*
NICKMaleAny Ethnicity25-30Warehouse manager, boss of Eric. Has a bit of a Napoleon complex, large ego. Jealous of Eric's war efforts.
MARTYMaleAny Ethnicity25-30Warehouse worker and a bit of a klutz. Friend of Eric's
DYLANMaleAny Ethnicity11-14Deaf younger brother of Eric. Playful.
JOEMaleAny Ethnicity18-24Young, sweet-faced, bright eyed soldier. *This character has no dialogue*