Actorama.com is a social and business network that offers useful resources not only to actors, but also directors, producers, casting directors, agents and managers. The website offers blogs, casting calls and a database of monologues and scenes from films, television, plays and books.


Actors can create a user profile with contact information, bio, resume', special talents and skills as well as photos, portfolio, demo reel, and samples of work. This website is aimed not only to professional working actors but also to people who have interest in acting or have specific talents in arts and sports and are interested in film work. As you register on the website your profile becomes part of a searchable database of talent. In order to activate your profile as an actor you have to either:

  1. 1) Upload a picture of yourself
  2. 2) Write about you and/or your acting experience/background in your "biography" section.


If you are casting for a project you can post a casting call in our casting calls section. You may post your casting call in any city or country in the world. To post a casting call go to our "casting calls" section, click on "post a casting call", include location and project details. If you are pressed with time and/or want to actively search for talent you may browse our database of actors. In your search you can include detailed information regarding the talent your are looking for, such as location, gender, physical appearance and special skills. In order to post a casting call you have to open a profile (any information about yourself is optional). To browse our talent database you do not need to register.


Actorama.com has a searchable database of monologues and scenes from films, plays, television and books. The purpose of this section is to make it easier and faster for actors to find material to work on for auditions or training. The monologues and scenes are categorized and are searchable according to gender, source material, period, type (dramatic/comic/serio-comic), the driving action taking place in the scene and main emotions explored. Scenes are also searchable according to the number of characters present in the scene.

Each monologue and scene can be rated by members (up to 5 stars) and has a summary of the action in the story leading to the monologue/scene. Members can upload comments about the monologue or scene to share their ideas on how to perform it, opinions on author, source material and themes explored or just ask questions to other members. Members can also reply to other members' comments. As an Actorama.com member, you can additionally upload videos or links of videos of yourself performing a particular monologue or scene. The videos are displayed at the bottom of the monologue or scene page. The purpose of this feature is to get feedback and advice from other members on how to improve your performance and delivery of the piece. The comments written by other members will be displayed under the video. Videos can also be rated (up to 5 stars).

Actorama.com respects copyright law. Monologues and scenes from copyrighted material (basically anything published after 1923) are not fully displayed on this website (this includes any movie). Even if only a few lines of text are displayed, the website can still be used as a reference to make it easier and faster to find material to work on as copyrighted monologues and scenes are categorized, rated and include summaries, comments and videos from members. Performance videos of a particular monologue or scene are used solely for educational purposes.

Members can either upload material or can send suggestions to administrator@actorama.com, including basic information on the piece and a brief summary of the story leading to the monologue/scene. If you own the copyright of a particular monologue or scene and you would like to have it removed from the website contact us and let us know.


This section is a resource for actors looking for auditions as well as a resource for directors, casting directors and producers casting a project. Any member can post a casting call in any city or country in the world. Only countries/states/cities with active casting calls are displayed on the site. In order to post a casting call you have to click on "post a casting call" in our casting calls section, then you will be redirected to our first page of casting call upload page. There you will select your country in scroll down menu, select your state if you are in the U.S., then select your city. If you do not see your city in the "city" scroll down menu you can type it in our "suggest box" and your city will appear in the "city" scroll for future users. Make sure to only include major metropolitan areas. In the next page you will have to include a title for your casting call ad, specific location (may be the same as major metropolitan area), your email, the production type, a general description and specific breakdowns. At the end you will have to specify the expiration date. Once expired, casting calls are automatically removed.


Our blogs section includes various blog categories that can be of interest to actors or directors and producers. Any member can write a blog post or comment on them. Our blog categories include:

  1. 1) Acting Tips, Methods and Techniques Here actors discuss various ways to improve their craft or work on their character.
  2. 2) This Business of Acting Here actors discuss and share ways to become a working actor. How to get the best head shots, write the most efficient resumé, find an agent/manager...
  3. 3) Voice Here actors discuss methods to improve your voice, become a voice-over actor, share your experiences as a voice-over actor, learn how to sing...
  4. 4) Dance, movement and stunts This section is for actors who want to learn how to dance, use their body or do stunts. Choreography, dancing, fighting, falling, running, jumping, parcour...
  5. 5) Audition Stories Here actors share interesting/funny/crazy/scary audition stories. Searchable by location.
  6. 6) Tales from the Set Here members share their experiences working on a theatre production or film set.
  7. 7) Acting Schools and Workshops Here members can either promote acting classes or workshops they are or will be teaching or actors can review acting classes or workshops they are taking or have taken. Searchable by location.
  8. 8) Monologues In this section actors can discuss interesting monologues for their auditions or acting classes. Actors can also upload a video of themselves performing a specific monologue for peer review. Any new addition to our monologues database is displayed in this section.
  9. 9) Scenes In this section actors can discuss interesting scenes for their auditions or acting classes. Actors can also upload a video of themselves performing a specific scene for peer review. Any new addition to our scenes database is displayed in this section.
  10. 10) Paying the Bills Here actors can share stories and experiences of how they are moonlighting to support their dream.
  11. 11) Film Reviews Here members can review movies from new releases to classics.
  12. 12) Theatre Scene In this section members can either promote a theatre production they are involved in or can review a theatre production they have attended. Searchable by specific location.
  13. 13) Television Here members can discuss their favorite television shows.
  14. 14) Books Here members can discuss interesting books they are reading or have read.
  15. 15) Entertainment news Here members can discuss any interesting news in the entertainment world.
  16. 16) Short Films In this section members can show us and tell us about a specific project they have been involved either as a director, producer or actor. The short can be a narrative film, a music video, a web show or a short documentary.
  17. 17) The Black List Here members can tell us about any person we shouldn't be working with...
  18. 18) Acting Aside Any topic is allowed here and randomness is welcomed..politics, business, finance, sports, cars, hobbies, humor, deep thoughts....
  19. 19) Fitness and Health Here members can discuss any topic regarding health and fitness, nutrition, diets, work-out techniques, sports, exercises, shady health products...
  20. 20) Failed Act Here actors can show and/or share stories of how they screwed up an audition or performance..
  21. 21) I Had Enough of This! If you are disillusioned with your acting or entertainment career, share your feelings here..

Any questions or suggestion may be directed to administrator@actorama.com.